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Biographical Information
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Status Alive
Family Information
Romances Sian (Girlfriend)
Professional Information
Profession Unknown
Character Information
First Appearance Episode 3
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Hannah John-Kamen

Violet is a main character in Banana, and a recurring character in Cucumber.

Official Description

Sian and Violet are at the beginning of a relationship - but while Violet's seen a lot of the world, Sian feels more inhibited. As the two of them get closer, they discover the joys and pitfalls of becoming a couple. But can they survive together?

Early Life

She has dozens of sisters and brothers because she spent her childhood in foster homes. She has had a troubled life enough and with many negatives, why now lives by the day enjoying everything fully.


Violet is a free spirit, a hippie who lives by the day and loves to play, throw parties every night and feel alive.

Physical Appearance

A beautiful skinny girl, with olive skin and thick black hairs, that up to more than the shoulders. Violet has green eyes in perfect contrast to the complexion. Dresses with an indie hippie style.

In Cucumber


In Banana

In Episode 3,