Tomasz Tobias
Tomasz infobox
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bi-Curious
Status Alive
Family Information
Other(s) Adam (Friend)
Professional Information
Profession Student; Vlogger
Character Information
First Appearance Episode Three
Last Appearance Episode Eight
Seasons 1
Episode Count 5
Portrayed By Matthew Bailey

Tomasz Tobias is a recurring character in Cucumber and a close friend of Adam Whitaker.

Early Life =

Tomasz Tobias is a Year 11 student at the same school as Henry Best's nephew, Adam Whitaker. He's of Polish origin, although the character was originally intended to be a Mancunian called Thomas. This had to be changed when the actor cast, Matthew Bailey, was unable to do the accent.

We know very little about Tomasz, other than the fact that he is also a vlogger and a close friend of Adam's. Although Adam confirms Tomasz as 'straight' in Episode Three of Cucumber, the relationship shared between he and Adam throughout the series is an oddly intimate one and leads us to the conclusion that both boys have been experimenting with their sexualities, perhaps labeling them both as bi-curious, although this is never aired aloud.


Actor Matthew Bailey has described Tomasz as a 'quirky character who likes to get a bit raunchy'. He's an outgoing, confident young man and is quick to get involved with the homo-erotic videos that Adam makes for his YouTube channel.

Physical Appearance

In Cucumber


In Banana

Tomasz does not feature in any of Series One's episodes, although there are rumors that Adam and Tomasz's story could be a potential episode in an unconfirmed second series of Banana.