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Aired from 4oD
Premiere 22 January 2015 – present
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Tofu is a 2015 British online documentary series created by Russell T Davies and presented by Benjamin Cook, available on 4oD,Channel 4's video-on-demand service.

The sister series to Channel 4's Cucumber and E4's BananaTofu is a documentary series that focuses on sex in the twenty-first century. Like Cucumber and Banana, the name of the series refers to the same urological scale of hardness of the male erection which starts at tofu, goes through peeled banana and banana, and ends at cucumber.


1. Good Sex, Bad Sex

Confessions of people in the industry of pornography as well as ordinary people about their personal experiences on sex.

2. Sex Talk

This episode talks about how sex is still a stir to some people. Have we become a very liberal society, maybe even too vulgar?

3. Not Having Sex

Celibate by choice, asexuality, virginity. These are the issues tackled in the third episode of this web-series.

4. Coming Out

How is accepted the LGBTQ community in contemporary society? Here are some personal experiences from ordinary people.

5. Teenage Lust

As stated in the title, particular sexual desires of adolescents and young people.

6. Queer as F**k

The British people and the cast of Cucumber talk about taste, decency and sex on TV.

7. Instasex

Sex in the period of social networks. It's true that we lost the need to socialize? Are we really looking only quickies without knowing the other's name, just a nickname?

8. Filthy, Dirty Sex

The general public and Cucumber and Banana cast share their most outrageous sex stories.