Same men, new tricks
Season Two
Episodes 2
Premiere 15 February 2000
Finale 22 February 2000
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The second season of Queer As Folk , also known as a two-hour long film titled "Same Men, New Tricks".


Main Cast 

  • Aidan Gillen as Stuart Alan Jones, a successful advertising executive
  • Craig Kelly as Vince Tyler, a supermarket manager
  • Charlie Hunnam as Nathan Maloney, a 15-year-old rebel
  • Denise Black as Hazel Tyler; Vince's free-spirited mother
  • Andy Devine as Bernard Thomas; Hazel's lodger
  • Jason Merrells as Phil Delaney; a close friend of Vince and Stuart
  • Esther Hall as Romey Sullivan; the mother of Stuart's child
  • Saira Todd as Lisa Levene; Romey's partner
  • Carla Henry as Donna Clark; Nathan's best friend
  • Caroline O'Neill as Janice Maloney; Nathan's mother
  • Antony Cotton as Alexander Perry; a flamboyant friend of Vince and Stuart
  • Peter O'Brien as Cameron Roberts; Phil's accountant who starts a relationship with Vince


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Episode One" Menhaj Huda Russell T davies 15 February 2000
2 "Episode Two" Menhaj Huda Russell T Davies 22 February 2000

Episode One

Vince’s love for Stuart remains unrequited, but the sexual buzz between them is becoming irresistible. Stuart is forced to out himself to his parents, when he is blackmailed. Meanwhile, Nathan reappears to celebrate his return from London.

Episode Two (Series Finale)

When Alexander’s parents turn on him, Stuart’s anger puts him on the wrong side of the law. Vince is up for a promotion at work, while one of Nathan's teachers seems to side with Nathan's bullies.