Biographical Information
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Status Alive
Family Information
Parents Unnamed Mother
Other(s) Dean Monroe Best Friend
Professional Information
Profession Handywork
switchboard operator
Workplace H. Clements Insurances
Character Information
First Appearance Episode One
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Letitia Wright

Scotty is a main character in Banana, and a recurring character in [[Cucumber].

Official Description

Scotty's shy and quiet, and she works day and night, holding down four different jobs. But when she falls in love with a woman at the supermarket, Scotty's whole life is about to fall apart.


Extremely shy, open to dialogue only with a few friends, first of all, Dean, her best friend, then with her mother.

Scotty does not fall in love, she obsesses with people and is also able to build relationships in her mind with people to whom she never spoke.

Physical Appearance

A skinny girl, with dark skin, short black hair and hazel eyes. Dresses with masculine clothes, like plaid shirts and jeans and combat boots.

In Cucumber

Appears in the first episode in the same scenes shared in Banana, accompanying Dean.

In Banana

In Episode 2, she falls in love with Yvonne and begins to stalk her.