Nathan Maloney
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Alive
Born 1984 (as he's 15 at the beginning of the show)
Residence Manchester
London (briefly)
Title(s) King of Babylon 1999
Family Information
Romances Stuart Alan Jones (romantic crush)
Dazz Collinson (ex-boyfriend)
Parents Janice Maloney (mother)
Hazel Tyler (motherly figure)
Other(s) Donna Clark (best friend)
Professional Information
Profession Students; bartender; hooker (briefly)
Character Information
First Appearance Episode 1
Seasons 1; 2
Episode Count 10
Portrayed By Charlie Hunnam
I can do what I like! I’M MOZART! I’M FUCKING MOZART!
— Nathan

Nathan Maloney, a 15-year-old rebel, is one of the lead characters of Queer As Folk, briefly in love with Stuart Alan Jones.

He's portrayed by the model and actor Charlie Hunnam.

Early Life

Nathan grew up in a residential area of Manchester with his parents and younger sister. When he realizes to be a homosexual the family falls apart. During pre-adolescence, he befriended Donna, a school friend.


Initially naïve and insecure, according to Hazel Nathan is a hopeless drama queen. The influence of Stuart and from the Canal Street clubs make Nathan more confident of himself, perhaps too much, transforming him into a narcissistic and selfish young man, always looking for sexual pleasures to satisfy.

Physical Appearance

A really good-looking guy with blond bobbed hair, later combed in a more messy way, blue eyes and athletic body. Disused school uniform, he wears extra- tight t-shirt and blue jeans, as well as leather jackets and other fashionable clothes. He has a nipple piercing

In Queer As Folk



Memorable Quotes

NathanDonna, you don’t know her! You don’t know anything! Cos you’re straight! Right? You’re part of the system! Right? You’re part of the fascist heterosexual orthodoxy!
Donna: I’m black. And I’m a girl. Try that for a week.
--in Episode 5


  • Queer As Folk aired in 1999 when Charlie was 18 years old.  It was his first major role, and certainly a ground-breaking event, both for television and for the career of a burgeoning actor. The show’s premise involved a very good-looking, naïve young man (Nathan Maloney) who is drawn into the gay scene around Manchester’s Canal Street, one of the U.K.’s famous openly gay communities.
  • In the American remake Queer as Folk (USA) Nathan has been replaced by a character named Justin Taylor, with whom he shares some characteristics:
    • The family situation is almost identical.
    • Both are very good at drawing.
    • Both fall in love seducer duty: Stuart in the UK version, Brian in the USA.
    • However, psychologically, Nathan is much more petty and sneaky than Justin. Unlike Justin, then, Nathan is not madly in love with Stuart / Brian.
  • Freddie Baxter seems to be vaguely based on Nathan.
  • Nathan is allergic to many foods, including peanuts, and some medicines that might get him into anaphylactic shock.