Lance Edward Sullivan
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Deceased
Cause/Reason Killed by Daniel
Born 1966, Bristol
Died 2015, Manchester
Cause of Death golf club blow to his head
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Romances Henry (former lover)
Daniel (romantic interest)
Parents Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Sibling(s) Marie (Older Sister)
Professional Information
Profession Dirigent
Workplace Manchester's Aquarium
Character Information
First Appearance Episode One
Last Appearance Episode Six
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Cyril Nri
Turns out I got lucky. How about that?
— Lance in Episode Six

Lance Sullivan is one the main characters in Cucumber, and a recurring character in Banana.

Official Description

Lance is everything that Henry needs - he's calm, patient, and wise. In fact, some people call him a saint. But saints can be ruthless, and when pushed too far, Lance is about to reveal a whole new side to himself.


Lance is a bright and cheerful person although exhausted by Henry's behavior, who manages to bring out the worst from him.

Physical Appearance

Lance is a colored man from the physical flaccid from the age but still athletic and handsome. Wearing casual clothes while at work is often in suits, but not always.

In Cucumber

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In Banana

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Lance (to Henry): I need to fuck or be fucked!
-- in Episode One