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Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Alive
Family Information
Romances Freddie Baxter (romantic crush)
Other(s) Sophie (Best friend)
Professional Information
Character Information
First Appearance Episode 5
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Luke Newberry
I know you get it. More than anyone, you get it. But you can’t get it completely. And it’s not, “Get the violins out. Woe is me.” It’s just different. And not a good different. And everyone says, “Oh, it’s easy to be a little gayboy now. Easier than it was.” Not always. Not when you’re me.
— Josh in Episode 5

Josh is a main character in Banana, and a recurring character in Cucumber.

Official Description

Josh is 18 – a student, young, wild, happy, and desperately in love with Freddie Baxter. Best friend with Sophie.

Early Life



Josh is a sweet boy with big dreams and the desire to escape from bigotry and stifling small town where he was born and raised. Although he loves the hectic life of the city, is also looking for a love that thinks he has found in Freddie.

Physical Appearance

A nice skinny guy, with strawberry blonde hair and pale skin. Dark eyes are in sharp contrast with the hair color and complexion. Scrupulous in dress and in combinations, is always in order with his sweaters coordinated to the color of skinny jeans and shirts.

In Cucumber

In Episode Five, Josh is sitting on the sofa in the boys' flat, after a night of love with Freddie, and is driven out the flat by the latter, with Dean and Hanry laughing at him since they consider Josh just another deluded boy in love with Freddie.

In Banana

In Episode 5,


"I mean, it’s a bit weird. being surrounded by a crew of people in a pair of flesh colored pants is not ideal. Luckily I’ve known Freddie for a long time so it was funny to do it with someone that I'm comfortable being with. There’s something about being on your own and doing it with a camera right in your face that’s way more embarrassing."
- Luke Newberry (Josh) about filming sex scenes



Luke Newberry Interview - Banana - E4

Luke Newberry Interview - Banana - E4