Biographical Information
Gender Female (MtoF)
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Status Alive
Family Information
Parents Fiona (Mother)
Professional Information
Profession head waiter
Workplace Unnamed Restaurant
Character Information
First Appearance Episode 4
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Bethany Black

Helen is a main character in Banana, and a recurring character in Cucumber.

Official Description

Helen's suffering with an unwanted ex. Eddie comes calling night and day and won't accept that she's moved on. But when Eddie takes revenge, Helen's going to need every ounce of strength she's got. Helen is played by Bethany Black.

Early Life

Born under the name of Ken (possibly short for Kenneth), during adolescence through the transition phase for the gender reassignment from male to female, becoming Helen. As said by her, both parents have always been supportive.


she has a sunny personality, as shown in the workplace and with parents, very apprehensive of the feelings of others. However, the armor that shows only defends her sensitivity. She can be also bad, especially with those who take advantage of her.

Physical Appearance

As a woman, Helen is quite plump, with a brown bobbed hair and a heart-shaped face. The eyes are small, however, solar and always has a beautiful smile. She dresses in casual clothes, but to work wearing a business suit.

In Cucumber

In Episode Seven, together with the other flatmates, is evicted from the building.

In Banana

In Episode 4, Helen is a victim of cyberbullying by her former boyfriend who is a stalker. Indeed Eddie, the ex-boyfriend, shows up, uninvited, at her home at all hours and also ruin a date with another guy. Not happy enough, Eddie spreads on the net some photos of naked Helen and also a hard videotape that the two did when they were dating.



Helen's Haunts - Banana - E4

Helen's Haunts - Banana - E4