Hazel Tyler
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Status Unknown (allegedly deceased; ghost)
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Children Vince Tyler
Other(s) Stuart Alan Jones (son in law)
Bernard Thomas (lodger)
Nathan (protégée)
Alexander (best friend)
Professional Information
Profession thief; cheater by profession;
Character Information
First Appearance Episode 1.1 (QAF)
Last Appearance Episode Six
Seasons 1 ; 2; Cucumber S1
Episode Count 10+ 1(in Cucumber)
Portrayed By Denise Black
As soon as I saw you I thought "clever little bastard"
— Hazel to Stuart

Hazel Tyler is one of the main characters of Queer As Folk, and a guest character on Cucumber. As Vince mother, she acts as the mother hen of her son group of friends.


A free spirit and a nostalgic of the demonstrations and riots of the seventies, Hazel is a woman with a strong personality, who had to face a very hard life. Growing up a child alone, struggling against the company that is looking favorably a single mom, even less the single mother of a homosexual.

Physical Appearance 

A woman in her forties with light skin and hair a bright red, which later become briefly mahogany for a few episodes and who dresses in an eccentric manner, in style with the 80s and 90s. In Cucumber, she is considerably aged, her hair is now white and with dark clothes, which have replaced the bright colors of her previous life, one of the times of Queer As Folk.

In Queer As Folk


In Cucumber

In the sixth episode, Lance is approached in the crowd livens Canal Street from a now elderly Hazel, who warns him about quickies and random sex and from bad guys like Daniel, because live so recklessly will inevitably lead to suffer the consequences.


Memorable Quotes

Hazel (to Nathan): You know you're getting older when the drama queens start looking younger!
- Episode 2

Hazel (to Vince about Nathan): Get me a big box of Surf [washing powder], I’ve got double the laundry. It’s all bedsheets. I’d forgotten how much teenage boys masturbate.
- Episode 5


  • In the American remake Queer As Folk (US) Hazel's character is replaced by that of Debbie Novotny, with whom she shares some characteristics.
  • Hazel is the only character from Queer As Folk appearing in Cucumber, although certain "events that everyone knows about happened in Machester " were mentioned by Daniel, referring to the antics of Vince and Stuart.
  • Hazel is the only character to have a vague reference to the supernatural. In particular, it seems that Hazel is a ghost, but this has not been attested by official sources.