Gregory Pascoe
Gregory Pascoe infobox
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Bisexual
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Marital Lynne Pascoe (wife)
Romances Freddie Baxter (sexual victim)
Children Nell and Ruby (daughters)
Professional Information
Profession Teacher
Workplace Manchester High School
Character Information
First Appearance Episode Three
Last Appearance Episode Three
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Edward MacLiam

Gregory is a guest character, a former teacher of Freddie and also his molester in the days when the boy went to school.

Early Life

When Freddie was a preteen, Gregory was his teacher. The two began a torrid sexual relationship with Gregory towering above violently causing the boy to live in fear. According to Freddie, Gregory did the same thing with other kids, making him a serial pedophile.


Gregory shows himself as a quiet and friendly man but knows how to be extremely violent and dominant. Probably has beaten several times Freddie, given the ease with which it came immediately to the hands just Freddie has contradicted him. Possibly behaves so even with his wife.

Physical Appearance

Gregory has a nice slender body, light complexion, brown hair and icy blue eyes. Elegant dresses and has manners in out in public.

In Cucumber




  • Along with Daniel Coltrane, Gregory Pascoe is one of the villains of Cucumber, because of harassment of Freddie and other students.