Episode Six
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This is the sixth episode of Cucumber, you may searching the sixth episode of Banana or Tofu's episode six.

Synopsys Edit

Lance tries to work out the truth about Daniel, so Henry takes a final, desperate chance to win his old boyfriend back. But is it too late for any of them to change paths?

Plot Edit

Telling the story of Lance's life, the episode follows Lance from birth, through childhood and the death of his mother, coming out and the gradual softening of his father's homophobia, and on to finding self-confidence and later love with Henry in Manchester as an adult. Speeding to the present, Lance receives a number of mixed signals from Daniel while drinking on Canal Street, and is visited by the ghost of Hazel Tyler, who tries to warn Lance to go home and avoid a terrible fate. At Daniel's, Lance is uncomfortable, but Daniel escalates their encounter until they both perform oral sex. After ejaculating, Daniel is overwhelmed with panic and self-loathing about his desires, and verbally and physically attacks Lance. Struck by Daniel with an object, Lance's head is dented and blood begins to pour rapidly. Lance then sees his life flash before his eyes very quickly as he dies.

Cast Edit

  • Cyril Nri as Lance Sullivan
  • Vincent Franklin as Henry Best
  • James Murray as Daniel
  • Denise Black as Hazel Tyler

Continuity Edit

  • Denise Black reprise her role as Hazel Tyler from Queer as Folk, making a connection between the two television series, thus making them part of the same fictional universe (as happened to Tochwood and Doctor Who)

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