Episode One
Episode Information
Air date Jan 22, 2015
Written by Russell T Davies
Directed by David Evans
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For Banana, or Queer As Folk Episode 1, see Episode 1 and Episode 1.1 (QAF).

Episode One is the first episode of Cucumber, aired 22 January 2015 on Channel 4.


Henry and Lance are contented, but when they embark on a disastrous date night, life will never be the same again. At work, Henry is drawn to the enigmatic Freddie, while Lance greets Daniel.


Henry Best (Vincent Franklin) is a gay middle-aged insurance salesman, happily settled with his boyfriend of nine years, Lance Sullivan (Cyril Nri), but increasingly distracted by his work colleagues Dean Monroe (Fisayo Akinade) and Freddie Baxter (Freddie Fox). Lance asks Henry on a date, but after Henry rejects Lance's marriage proposal, Lance seeks revenge on Henry by bringing a younger man, Francesco (Peter Caulfield), back for a threesome. Lance insists on sleeping with Francesco, angry that Henry hasn't had sex with him since they started dating. Henry calls the police and has Lance and Francesco arrested, and distraught, flees and moves into Dean and Freddie's apartment.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Eleanor Worthington-Cox as Molly Whitaker
  • Jan Uddin as Saul
  • Jamie Zubairi as Max
  • Andy Burke as Steve
  • Christian Dixon as Jules
  • Darren Lawrence as Raymond
  • Jack Derges as Louis Barman

Guest Cast

  • Karen West as Neighbour
  • Sagar Arya as Sunil Merchandani
  • Buckso Dhillon-Woolley as Sponsor
  • Chris Webster as Phil
  • Anjli Mohindra as Veronica Chandra
  • Lisa Millett as Katrina
  • Elizabeth Chan as Yan Peng
  • Anu Hasan as Shoona Merchandani
  • Peter Caulfield as Francesco
  • James Britton as Policeman 1
  • Thomas Aldersley as Policeman 2
  • Philip Chan as Background Artist
  • Liam Haynes as Clubber
  • Chan Phil as Clubber / Walk On
  • Ryan Storey as Clubber (2015)


  • This episode is an episode parallel to the first episode of Banana, showing the same day from different points of view.



  • The tagline for this episode was "Male erections."