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This is the Cucumber's Episode Four, you may searching Banana's Episode Four or Tofu's episode four.


Henry goes on a date with a complete stranger, while Lance’s long, dark night leads him to an unexpected bed.

Across town, everyone’s searching for love, or sex, or both, as Cleo meets an old flame, Freddie hooks up with Anna, and Dean embarks on a mysterious journey into danger


Henry, Lance, Cleo and Freddie all go on dates; Henry with eccentric Rupert (Rufus Hound), Lance with Peter who shares the same desire for Daniel, Cleo with married old flame Brian (Ardal O'Hanlon), and Freddie with Anna, the sister of a former boyfriend. However, when it comes to sex later on in the night, not everybody gets it on. Cleo and Brian have a heart to heart after their awkward sexual experience, Freddie and Anna eventually hit it off after Freddie's doubts about Anna's reservations, and Henry's sexual timidity sees off Rupert, but he eventually sees something in Rupert's friend, Leigh (Phaldut Sharma). After Lance backs out of sex with Peter, Daniel invites Lance round to his flat, where he finally gets what he wants after Daniel persuades him to stay the night. Meanwhile, Dean goes through some strange and bizarre role play when he is kidnapped by two men and treated like a sex slave.




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Cucumber Episode 4 - Thursday, 9pm - Channel 4

Cucumber Episode 4 - Thursday, 9pm - Channel 4