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This is Cucumber's Episode Five, you may searching Banana's episode five or Tofu's episode five.


Henry's secrets and lies catch up with him, while Lance's wildest dreams are in danger of coming true, as Daniel makes an extraordinary move.


After Henry still finds himself powerless to retrieve the money that Lance has taken from their joint account, he continues to find income in the homoerotic videos starring his nephew Adam and his friends, until Cleo eventually finds out and puts her foot down after a game called 'Nervous' goes too far. Henry also finds himself fall foul of Freddie's suspicious parents after they find out that he is living in the same apartment as their son, however his argument with his father makes Freddie grow fonder of Henry and they eventually have a heart to heart together when Henry decides to spend the evening with Freddie over his new boyfriend, Leigh. Meanwhile, Lance is confused at Daniel's ambiguous and domineering sexual attitudes and behaviour towards him, especially after Daniel begins to masturbate in front of Lance during their evening together. Henry and Lance finally agree on neutral ground, with Lance proposing to buy out Henry's share of the house. They eventually talk and recall happier times.




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