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This is Banana's episode four, you may searching Cucumber's episode four or Tofu's episode four.


Helen (Bethany Black) has to get tough with her ex, Eddie (Andrew Knott), but her birthday turns into a disaster when Eddie takes revenge.


The episode begins with Helen who is awakened by some noise in her apartment and discovers that her ex-boyfriend, who still has the keys, entered into her flat to leave a gift. Helen tells him to give her the keys and never return because they are no more engaged and also says that that night she will come out to dinner with a man.

The girl is preparing to go to work and check the notifications on the social network where friends have done the best wishes and chat a bit with Scott that reminds her their date. Helen also receives a video call from her mother, but there is no signal, and then runs off to work. Helen's parents and brother are shown with hats and balloons and a Happy birthday swag, who wanted to surprise her in video call.



  • Bethany Black as Helen
  • Andrew Knott as Eddie
  • as Dean Monroe
  • as Fiona (Helen's mum)
  • as Alan (Helen's dad)
  • as Arnie (Helen's brother)


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Charlie Covell Interview - Banana - E4

Charlie Covell Interview - Banana - E4

Banana Episode 4- Helen - Thursday, 10pm - E4

Banana Episode 4- Helen - Thursday, 10pm - E4