Episode 2
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Air date 29 January 2015
Written by Russell T Davies
Directed by Lewis Arnold
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This is Banana's episode two, you may searching Cucumber's episode two or Tofu's episode two.


When Scotty sees Yvonne, it’s love at first sight. But as love turns to obsession, Scotty’s life spirals out of control.


The episode is all about Scotty and follow she during her days as she juggles in her four jobs. At the switchboard she must undergo extravagant inventions of the head sector on lunch break, that is: wear a red cap for ten minutes of relaxation.

At the supermarket Scotty notice a blonde woman let go forward to the cash receiver an old woman and falls in love with the blonde. So she began to attend more and more often the supermarket in that time slot, hoping to see her again.

Aided by Dean and the rest of the gang she discovers, mainly thanks to Henry, that the woman works at the post office. At this point, since Scotty knows that her name starts with "Y" begins to look for the woman, and when she finds out her address spends all her free time approached with her van near the woman's home.

Scotty's mother, worried about her daughter's inclination to obsessions, says she should look for a real girlfriend.

Meanwhile Scotty is approached in the car's parking by Yvonne (the blonde woman) and her husband, because they have mistaken her for a malicious that monitors the home before making burglary. Cornered, Scotty reveals that she's in love with Yvonne and she thinks that she is extremely beautiful. Yvonne's husband threatened her to disappear and not be seen again. A few days later, however, Yvonne approaches Scotty and invited her to have coffee. She reveals that she has never been the subject of a deep love, but since she's a heterosexual can not reciprocate Scotty's feeling. in fact, tired of her marriage, says she will leave for France and when Scotty's plea to accept all the money set aside, Yvonne make Scotty to promise that she will l make a happy life using the money she has earned with her four jobs.

The next day the husband of Yvonne looks to the switchboard and threat Scotty but her colleagues defend wildly while Scotty gets the red cap and all the sounds in the room disappear as the screen blurs slowly.


  • Scotty
  • Yvonne
  • Dean
  • Freddie


The gang briefly presented in the previous episode makes an appearance, including Sian and her mother who will appear in Banana's third episode.

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Letitia Wright Interview - Banana - E4

Letitia Wright Interview - Banana - E4

Banana Episode 2- Scotty - Thursday, 10pm - E4

Banana Episode 2- Scotty - Thursday, 10pm - E4