The third episode of Queer as Folk, which aired on 9 Mar. 1999



After Nathan tells Donna how Stuart dumped him,she expresses her low opinion of the older man and takes her friend off to the Canal Street clubs to get a new boyfriend. Here they meet Vince's liberal-minded mother Hazel and her lodger, Bernard, an elderly gay. Vince sees Rosalie in a gay pub and has to pretend that he is a straight man on his first venture into such a place. He meets up with his camp friend Alexander,who has returned from a holiday abroad with a non-English-speaking male prostitute,who wanders off. Vince,Alexander and another friend Dane have a bizarre encounter with a very strange gay,which ends in a drastic escape through a window. Phil,meanwhile,picks up the suave Harvey,with whom he does drugs but Phil collapses and Harvey steals his wallet,leaving him to die.