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This is Banana's episode one, you may searching Cucumber's episode one or Tofu's episode one.


Dean’s 19, with a job, a flat and all the sex he wants. But no matter how fast he runs, his problems are catching up with him…


The episode begins with Dean who is preparing to leave the house and with Freddie that reminds him that is in arrears with payment of rent and that if within the next day does not find the money he will have to go. On the bus, while eating a banana, Dean eyes a boy, and fantasizes about their whole lives together, from sex until the day of the death of the boy, then return to reality and go to work.

Once in the office, where he delivers parcels and mail, Dean shows to a number of colleagues, including Henry Best, in different places of the company the chastity belt that he has put to his penis. But when he receives a message from a guy who asks a quickie, he runs immediately to Scotty for help to break the lock and run the fuck buddy. The two start to masturbate each other, but as Dean did not have sex for many days has a premature ejaculation. While they're putting their clothes on, Dean eveals to the fuck buddy that has followed him on a social network for years but had never had the courage to write to him. At this point the boy, shocked, sends him away.

Upon returning home, he meets Henry in front of the house and invites him in for coffee. Here reveals that they have problems with the lease and asks for money. Henry, however, gives him only twenty dollars. Later, while Dean is in his room listening to music, Freddie after having prepared dinner puts him up against the wall playing the card of psychological torture. Indeed Freddie never believed that Dean's parents had thrown him out of the house.

Dean then, accompanied by Scotty, goes to his parents' house that prove themselves very open and available and invite him to dinner. As they eat, Dean argues with his sister annoyed by the constant insinuations of her on his homosexuality. Leaving from home furious, he lies again to Scotty saying that his parents have sent him away. Meanwhile he receives a new message for a quickie and has sex with another guy.

When he returns home located Freddie smoking marijuana with a girl and tells him that he has no money. The night the two boys are awakened by Henry who, in exchange for resolving the issue of the rent, ask for hospitality.


  • Fisayo Akinade as Dean Monroe
  • Freddie Fox as Freddie Baxter
  • Letitia Wright as Scotty
  • Vincent Franklin as Henry


This episode shows the Dean's POV of the pilot episode of Cucumber


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Banana - Thursday 22nd Jan - E4

Banana - Thursday 22nd Jan - E4