Dean Monroe
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Alive
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Romances Freddie (Romantic Crush)
Professional Information
Profession trainee
Character Information
First Appearance Episode One ; Episode 1
Portrayed By Fisayo Akinade
Can I borrow some lube? We've gone dry next door.
— Dean to Violet and Sian in Episode 3

Dean Monroe is one of the main characters of both Cucumber, and Banana. He's portrayed by Fisayo Akinade.

Official Description

Dean's 19, funny, fast, frantic, a great mate to his friends, a terrible lover to his fellas. He's always in debt and too busy having fun to settle down. But one day soon, he'll have to face the inevitable and go back home.


Dean is a chronic liar. He lies continuously, especially about his parents who he paints as monsters, and is obsessed with sex. Fantastic often confusing reality and fantasy.

He knows no bounds and, as stated by Sian, has no respect for other people.

Physical Appearance

Dean is a black boy who is in shape but not too muscular, with short dark hair and big brown eyes. He dresses shabbily and with bright colors.

In Cucumber


In Banana

In Episode 1, Dean is desperate to find money for rent, in the meantime, however, finds a way to have two tricks with strangers and go from his parents' house, which according to him are monsters when in fact they only show concern for their son.

In Episode 2, he helps Scotty finding her mysterious "Yvonne".

In Episode 3, being Violet's neighbor, is often at parties that she does pretty much every night. He meets Sian for the first time when he shows at the apartment asking if they have some lubricant. He has unconsciously taken Sian's iPad when she needed to work.


Dean (at launch with his family): This morning I had sex, he broke my ass. He fucked me and I fucked him. He came on my face, I licked the sperm and I swallowed it. You mean she can talk about boys but I can't?!
--in Banana episode 1




Dean's Crib - Banana - E4

Dean's Crib - Banana - E4


  • He shares his name with a porn actor.
  • Dean apparently suffers from premature ejaculation.