Cliff Costello
Cliff costello infobox
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Alive
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Romances *Random sex
Other(s) Henry Best (best friend)
Professional Information
Profession Lawyer
Character Information
First Appearance Episode One
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Robert O'Neill
I used to have a strict ass, now I've titanium hip.
— Cliff to his friends in Episode One

Cliff Costello is one of the main character of Cucumber.

Official Description

Cliff's hit middle-age magnificently - drunk, shambolic, chasing after boys half his age, and proud of it. He's both Henry's best friend and his greatest tormentor.


A playboy always looking for new adventures, ready with a joke but also a close friend of Henry who knows inside out. According to Cleo, if you were hiding from someone, ask help from Cliff. He loves spicy stories and dramas, being an avid gossipy.

Physical Appearance

Cliff is a handsome man with graying hair, a prominent nose, and a nasal voice. Despite being in his forties still, has a well-shaped body.

Because of his alcoholism during his youth, his bones were crushed and he needed to undergo surgery that made him limping, in fact, he needs to walk with crutches.

In Cucumber

In Episode One, Cliff is having dinner with Henry, Lance and the rest of their group of friends to whom reveals the outcome of his operation. Alcoholism has crumbled his bones into dust and now is forced to walk with crutches, with his new titanium hip. While outside smoking with Henry, he asks him how is his relationship with Lance since he knows that Henry has a sexual phobia and that very often he may have a very obsessive crush with colleagues at work.

In Episode Two, after receiving a call from Chloe, Cliff does a little research and finds out where Henry has moved and visits him, discovering a party full of hot guys. He then starts flirting with Freddie.

In Banana




  • Cliff is the only Henry's friend who appears in more episodes than the rest of the first episode's gang.