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Cleo Whitaker
Biographical Information
Gender Female Heterosexual
Status Alive
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Children Adam, Molly, Lou
Sibling(s) Henry (adoptive brother)
Professional Information
Profession real estate consultant
Character Information
First Appearance Episode One
Portrayed By Julie Hesmondhalgh.
That makes me a special daughter, while you're the incident.
— Cleo to Henry in Episode Two

Cleo's busy enough, with a job and three kids, but coping with her brother, Henry, takes up most of her time. But as Henry's life begins to change, Cleo realises she has changes to make too.


Cleo - not Chloe! - has a bubbly personality, always ready to find the funny side of every situation. Is a woman open-minded and extremely solar, that cannot be break down by loneliness. Although she was adopted, does not show feelings of inferiority toward her brother, quite the contrary. She apologizes often people for the bad behavior of Henry.

Physical Appearance

Like her brother has a fair complexion and blue eyes. Has short blond hair and often puts lipstick to bring out the lips. Dress casual clothes but can be very feminine wearing evening dresses.

During Adam's birth has undergone profound injuries at her sexual organs that have caused scarring and health problems that have worsened at the birth of Molly. However, she met a doctor who operated on reconstructing the vagina.

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In Banana


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