Bernard Thomas
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Alive
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Other(s) Hazel Tyler (lodger)
Vince Tyler (friend)
Stuart Alan Jones (friend)
Professional Information
Profession unemployed
Character Information
First Appearance Episode 1
Seasons 1
Portrayed By Andy Devine
Its cock. That’s all it is. Cock. Fifteen and your mother finds out - its not “gay”, its not “homosexual”. Its “cock”. Your mother knows you like cock. Fair do’s. ‘Tis revolting

Bernard "Bernie" Thomas is Hazel Tyler's lodger as well as an old sarcastic homosexual that take pleasure from sexual stories from Stuart and the rest of the gang.


Physical Appearance

In Queer As Folk



  • This character in the remake Queer As Folk (USA) has been replaced by Vic Grassi, a man afflicted by HIV. In the American remake, Vic is Debbie Novotny's brother. Debbie's is Hazel's counterpart in the American remake.