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Aired from E4
Premiere 22 January 2015 – present
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Banana is a 2015 British television series created by Russell T Davies and aired on E4. The sister series to Channel 4's Cucumber and the 4oD documentary series TofuBanana is a series focusing on LGBT youth in Manchester, on the periphery of the Cucumbernarrative. Unlike Cucumber, which is a self-contained serial following the story of one gay man, Banana is an anthology series focusing on the wider LGBT spectrum. CucumberBanana, and Tofu are all named after the same scale of erection hardness, with Bananasymbolising the middle of the scale from the flaccid Tofu to the fully erect Cucumber.


Season One

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date
1 " Dean " Lewis Arnold Russell T davies 22 January 2015
2 " Scotty " Lewis Arnold Russell T Davies 29 January 2015
3 " SSian & Violet " Lewis Arnold Sue Perkins 5 February 2015
4 " Helen " Lewis Arnold Charlie Covell 12 February 2015
5 "Josh & Sophie" Luke Snellin Matthew Barry 19 February 2015
6 "Amy" Al Mackay Charlie Covell 26 February 2015
7 "Aiden & Frank" Luke Snellin Lee Warburton 5 March 2015
8 "Vanessa & Zara " Al Mackay Russell T Davies 12 March 2015

Video and trailers

Meet The Cast - Banana - E404:28

Meet The Cast - Banana - E4

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