Alexander Perry
Alexander perry infobox
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Homosexual
Status Alive
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Other(s) Stuart Alan Jones (friend)
Vince Tyler (friend)
Hazel Tyler (friend; lodger)
Bernard Thomas (lodger)
Nathan Maloney (friend)
Professional Information
Profession Personal shopper; drag queen
Character Information
First Appearance Episode 1.3
Last Appearance Episode 2.2
Seasons 1 2
Episode Count 7
Portrayed By Antony Cotton

Alexander Perry is a main character in Queer As Folk.


Alexander Perry is notable for his wry witticisms and flamboyant fashion sense.

Physical Appearance

In Queer As Folk



  • In the American remake, this character is replaced by Emmett Honeycutt. Initially, both share many features, but later the American version develops a much serious personality and storyline.