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Biographical Information
Gender Male Homosexual
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Professional Information
Character Information
First Appearance Episode Seven
Last Appearance Episode 7
Seasons 1
Episode Count 2
Portrayed By Dino Fetscher

Aiden's a happy, handsome Welsh lad who's moved to Manchester.



Physical Appearance

In Cucumber

In Banana


Aiden (to Frank): When you meet someone, share a spark, wonder if you have a chance. Yeah but day 1’s a trick of the light. By day 10 we're in bed and I'm wishing you were someone else. Day 11 I'm pretending to listen to you whilst eyeing up a guy behind you. I'm not gonna do anything with him, I just need to know that if I wanted to I could. Day 20's the text messages whilst you're sleeping next to me, strangerers, old shags, your boss. By 30 it's cock shots, phone wank, video links. Day 40 I'm kissing in the club toilet whilst you're buying the drinks. Day 50 sex with some random, some ex, someone whoever. Straight, gay, I won't care, we will have sex. Day 60, 61, 62 you find out, you cry. Tell yourself something like "Oh it's a one off" or "I'm worth it". Day 70’s the last bit, when I meet someone new and I have a day 1 with them, like this. And they make me feel like you are.
--in Banana episode 7



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